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Development of a General Card Management Framework Project


Project funded by the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Title of the project

Development of a General Card Management Framework Project

Description of the project

MARGARÉTA is a modular, robust yet flexible card management system which provides a solution to manage the entire lifecycle of a smart card (or USB token). From provisioning, issuance and management of card profiles to the production of reports MARGARÉTA provides all functions which are needed in an enterprise environment – for the effective management of even thousands of cards. MARGARÉTA, linked to PKI systems partially or fully performs certificate management tasks related to cards.

Beneficiary of the project

Noreg Ltd.
Headquarters: 5 Rétköz u. Budapest, H-1118
Phone: (+36-1) 438-6380
Fax: (+36-1) 438-6381
E-mail: infoatnoreg [dot] hu

Contributing organization

Hungarian Economic Development Centre (MAG)
„Hungarian Economic Development Centre is a contributing organization of the Hungarian Development Agency
H-1539 Budapest, P.O.B. 684.
Phone: (+36-1) 40-200617
Web: www.magzrt.hu