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eSign Toolkit


Noreg eSign Toolkit contains all the functions and procedures by which documents can be signed and time-stamped as well as signed and time-stamped documents can be verified. The product is MELASZ Ready 2.0 certified, and the Hungarian Media and Infocommunications Authority (NHMM) has registered it as a certified electronic signature product. The development toolkit can connect to any time-stamping service according to the RFC 3161 standard. Additionally the toolkit can handle any certificate issued by any service provider.

A Windows API-style C-language interface allows access to the cryptographic library for a wide range of applications. The toolkit’s optional components allow Java language and web applications use of the library.

The development kit allows any application for administration, billing, document management and archiving to be extended with electronic signature, time stamping and even encryption capabilities without any special development needs, thereby making these features easy to implement in existing systems.

The development kit complies with the various relevant Hungarian laws, regulations, recommendations and standards. The development toolkit is a certified application.

Main features:

  • support for software certificates
  • support for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) (nCipher, safeNet and any other device through PKCS#11)
  • support for Smart cards through PKCS#11
  • creation and verification of signatures according to the XAdES standard (XAdES-EPES,-C,-T,-X -XL,-A)
  • creation and verification of signatures according to the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS – RFC3852) standard
  • signing and verification of PDF format files
  • support for MELASZ-Ready 2.0 format
  • support for the format prescribed for public administration
  • checking for revocation based on CRL
  • checking for revocation based on OCSP
  • creation, request and verification of time stamps
  • support for signature policies
  • encryption for multiple recipients

The development kit supports both embedded and separate electronic signatures. Both types of electronic signature are implemented with the help of XML-based XAdES signatures. Embedded signatures are inside an XML file, which also contains the signed document. Separate signatures are inside an XML file, which contains reference to the signed document together with its “fingerprint”. The development toolkit is XML-based, it handles XAdES signatures and standard time stamps placed inside the XAdES signatures. All XAdES formats (EPES,-T,-C,-X,-XL-A) are supported. The necessary revocation information can be gathered both on a CRL and an OCSP basis. Noreg eSign Toolkit allows implementation of all functions required by all of the rules and regulations for digital archiving including the creation of archives and the management of archived signatures.

Noreg eSign Toolkit also supports packed signed files according to the RFC 3852 (CMS) standard. This standard also allows for encrypting files. The development toolkit is able to interpret such a file, check it, timestamp it if necessary, moreover, it can sign, pack and encrypt any file according to the standard.

Noreg eSign Toolkit supports PDF format signatures (PAdES) and standard time stamps placed inside them. The toolkit is able to sign and time stamp PDF format documents; additionally it can verify signatures and time stamps in PDF documents.