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MARGARETA description

Using a PKI system (Public Key Infrastructure) the IT environment and the ever-spreading data transmission systems (for example the Internet) can be made secure and authenticated while their use remains simple, for instance a chip card can be used instead of several passwords and access cards to different applications and electronic systems. Noreg’s MARGARETA card management system helps to build a unified management system so that the full lifecycle of certificates and key storage devices can be managed securely and significantly more cost-effectively.

The product is a modular, robust, yet flexible card management system which provides a comprehensive solution for the management of the entire lifecycle of a smart card (or USB token). MARGARETA provides all functions which are needed in an enterprise environment for the effective management of even thousands of cards: provisioning, card issuance, management of card profiles, reporting. MARGARETA is integrally linked to other PKI systems, thus it performs or has the CA system perform certificate management tasks related to cards. The main functionality of MARGARETA is to perform all tasks related to certificates on smart cards or USB tokens covering their full lifecycle. MARGARETA can also import user data from other systems therefore it can collaborate with directories and identity management systems as well.

This solution is recommended for any medium or large company which has an existing PKI system, for example for admission registration or to control access to workstations using smart cards. Companies generally build PKI systems because of the need for increased security. However, the existence of PKI systems also means that if a member of your staff leaves a card at home or loses a card, this renders him or her unable to work maybe for days, does not have access to systems he or she is permitted to access or even cannot enter a building. New staff members generally should have access privileges as soon as possible. Without a card management system it is a fairly complex operation under compliance standards and security audit requirements to issue a temporary card then, days later, safely transport a replacement smart card from the headquarters to the site for the staff member, and properly handle the expired temporary card. The larger the company and the more sites it has, the more difficult it is to control these processes manually. However, using the MARGARETA card management system, the authorized person can solve this problem within minutes complying with the most stringent regulations, documenting everything in detail. It can always be retrieved, who, when and where granted or revoked a certain privilege. This greatly simplifies and secures the management of cards.

MARGARETA datasheet

Development of a General Card Management Framework Project

Noreg won support from the Central Hungary Operational Programme in 2009 developing its MARGARETA product.

"Best Hungarian Innovation 2010," IT Security Award

Noreg’s own development, the MARGARETA card management system was given the "Best Hungarian Innovation 2010" award at the year's biggest IT security conference ITBN by the independent, professional jury of the conference


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