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22 January 2015.
The biggest security danger of 2015 is likely to be the ransomware
28 October 2014.
Noreg received the award of BID (Business Initiative Directors) at the World Quality Commitment Award event, on 25th of October, based on the decision of the international jury. Every year the award is given to one of the companies from the participating 74 countries which outstands in quality and also excels in innovation.
05 June 2014.
Noreg is introducing MARGARETA, the Hungarian card management system to the foreign markets in 2014. Euronet Worldwide, a company employing 4000 people in 39 countries has recently chosen and integrated the card manager developed by Noreg into its system, and this time Singaporean system integrators and distributors got a closer look on the product of Noreg.
05 February 2014.
Euronet – employing 4000 people in 39 countries – is launching Noreg’s MARGARÉTA card management system. Noreg will integrate its solution into the existing systems of the company – dealing with electronic payment – by the end of February. In March 1100 employees of Euronet Worldwide will put in practice the new system which implements the unified management of certificates and smart cards in a simply and easily manageable way with maximum safety.
21 October 2013.
Updating the operating systems regularly and automatically became a monthly routine both at home and in corporate environments. After installing the latest available patches, operators may think that their software is up to date and there are no hidden risks in using them. But the reality is that these upgrading methods are only able to upgrade some of the software used on the computer.
16 September 2013.
The number of the published vulnerabilities and security incidents are still increasing; therefore it means a growing threat to all enterprise users such as e-commerce or social networking companies as well as banks, governmental participants, universities or even online betting agencies. The latest IBM X-Force research shows that the number of data loss or data theft of the personal data is increasing more than 40 percent each year. As a response to this problem Noreg has expanded its product portfolio.
17 July 2013.
Noreg Ltd. successfully renewed its ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certificates over again in this year. While the first one had its annual examination the other one had its three years audit now. Although the certificates – which are based on a complex set of requirements – are reviewed annually, a comprehensive and rigorous re-certification is needed in every three years as well.
27 June 2013.
Noreg Ltd. started its operation in Budapest in 1998 with only four people, and became one of the leading Hungarian experts of IT security during the last one and a half decades. The company's initial activity was trading and implementing IBM-ISS (former Internet Security Systems) vulnerability examination and penetration detection software, and later, according to the market's demands, they started dealing with IT security consulting, e-signature and other related solutions.
19 June 2013.
Noreg Ltd. has gained subsidy in the „Support of innovation result utilizing for SMEs” tender. MARGARÉTA Appliance solution has been completed as part of this project, and it also includes the hardware, operation system, database, application and HSM data protection solution used for the card management. The project with a total budget of nearly HUF 40 million has received a non-refund subsidy of HUF 25 million.
04 April 2013.
Noreg Ltd. is calling attention for the importance of the privileged identity management. In the possession of privileged accesses – for example as supervisor, admin and root authorities – even the total control can be taken over above a given system. The Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Suite marketed by Noreg provides solution for every challenge connected to the privileged identity management.
04 March 2013.
Noreg Ltd. the Hungarian expert of business security technologies and solutions achieved record sales in 2012, similarly to previous year. Its revenue has increased by 20 percent compared to the record result of 2011, accounting 730 million HUF in 2012. Both the high demand for the company’s self-developed MARGARETA card management system, and the fact that last year Noreg successfully entered new areas and broadened its products supply contributed to the success.
05 November 2012.
Noreg Ltd's application titled Implementing appliance-based Card Management System won support from the Central Hungary Operational Programme. The project will be carried out with the support of the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and the Hungarian State. Planned completion date of the project: 29 March 2013.
19 October 2012.
Noreg Ltd. places great emphasis on the continuous training of its experts. The newly acquired qualification is Payment Card Industry Certified Field Officer.
11 October 2012.
A Noreg Ltd. finished the installation of the first MAD (Mobile Active Defense) mobile security solution, which had been ordered by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE). The MECS (Mobile Enterprise Compliance Security) server – developed by MAD – realizes a complete supervision over those appliances of the company which running an Apple iOS operation system.
03 April 2012.
OrchIdea, the newly self-developed product of Noreg Ltd. – which realizes certification management of documents – has been completed with the assistance of the New Széchenyi Plan’s tender: Subsidy of utilization of innovational achievements for small and medium-sized enterprises. The project with almost 40 million forint overall budget gained 25 million forint of non-refundable subsidy.
06 March 2012.
Despite the difficult economical circumstances Noreg Ltd. achieved record sales last year. The company kept on increasing its revenues in 2011 compared to 2010, which in 2011 exceeded 600 million HUF. The largest part of the income was made out by a premium database protection solution. To the excellent financial results contributed also the successful implementation of the company’s self-developed MARGARETA card management system.
01 March 2012.
Noreg Ltd. received IBM’s „Business Partner Of The Year” prize for the second time. The award was passed over by Zsolt Veres, CEO of IBM at the company’s Business Partner Kick-Off event.
08 February 2012.
Noreg Ltd. co-developed a new version of its e-Invoicing solution with his partner, BSIS9 Ltd., which is fully optimized for SAP systems. The solution is capable of realizing not only the issue of e-invoices, but also their acceptance in SAP systems. The e-Invoicing module converts data from the most popular and supported forms of e-invoices automatically into SAP, so there is no need to fill in data again.
27 October 2011.
Noreg Ltd's application titled Implementing service-based cryptographic functions won support from the Central Hungary Operational Programme. The project will be carried out with the support of the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and the Hungarian State. Planned completion date of the project: 31 March 2012.
23 September 2011.
Noreg Ltd. places great emphasis on the continuous training of its experts. The newly acquired qualifications are Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) and Microsoft MCSA Security. A CHFI certified specialist can help with the detection, investigation and proof of computer crimes and incidents.