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15 years of data protection - Noreg is celebrating its birthday

Noreg Ltd. started its operation in Budapest in 1998 with only four people, and became one of the leading Hungarian experts of IT security during the last one and a half decades. The company's initial activity was trading and implementing IBM-ISS (former Internet Security Systems) vulnerability examination and penetration detection software, and later, according to the market's demands, they started dealing with IT security consulting, e-signature and other related solutions. Noreg is dealing with the security products of the global leader vendors, as well as with its own proprietary software. One of Noreg's own products, the MARGARETA card management system won the "Best Hungarian Innovation 2010” award. The dynamically improving company achieved a record revenue of 730 million HUF in 2012. As dr Zsolt Kőrös, CEO of Noreg Ltd told while evaluating the past one and half decades and sharing future visions, they plan to enter international markets in the next few year, where the main goal is promoting the MARGARETA card management system.