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Give privileged attention for privileged accesses! – Noreg offers complex privileged identity management solution

Noreg Ltd. is calling attention for the importance of the privileged identity management. In the possession of privileged accesses – for example as supervisor, admin and root authorities – even the total control can be taken over above a given system. The Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Suite marketed by Noreg provides solution for every challenge connected to the privileged identity management. By the help of the enterprise-wide system – which is based on unified policies – the privileged accesses and the related activities can be easily monitored, logged and secured both on the site and in the cloud. Thanks to this the product contributes to the elimination of external and internal threats as well as the protection of sensitive data. Noreg’s experience shows that responsible companies are paying more attention to the serving of privileged users; Noreg is currently working on the implementation of Cyber-Ark at two major enterprises.