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Noreg Ltd. has successfully completed the development of the MARGARÉTA Appliance card management system

Noreg Ltd. has gained subsidy in the „Support of innovation result utilizing for SMEs” tender. MARGARÉTA Appliance solution has been completed as part of this project, and it also includes the hardware, operation system, database, application and HSM data protection solution used for the card management. The project with a total budget of nearly HUF 40 million has received a non-refund subsidy of HUF 25 million. By building of a unified management system, MARGARÉTA helps the certificates and key storage devices to be managed in a safe and cost-effective way through their entire life cycle. Though the sales experiences of Noreg Ltd. gained during the project, the extension of the framework – with hardware devices and applications providing easy installation and operation – became necessary. Therefore the MARGARÉTA Appliance also provides solution for those potential users who don’t have the skilled resources required for the implementation and operation of the card management system.