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Our product OrchIdea is a solution for performance and security challenges to management and business processes. OrchIdea is a service environment, which elevates cryptographic functions to the level of business processes (for instance: electronic company registration, production and acceptance of electronic bills). OrchIdea can be used for certification and verification of documents or other functions related to cryptography as well as any other distributed data processing or document processing task.

Features of OrchIdea include:

  • the management of electronic documents, acceptance and confirmation of receipt
  • integrity check of the document and the records contained in it
  • virus scanning of the document and the records contained in it
  • verification of the authenticity of electronic signatures of electronic documents, with or without communication to the respective certification authority
  • checking electronic signatures for compliance with legal and institutional requirements and checking if received documents meet the specific acceptance criteria for the case
  • controlling access to documents in accordance with the privileges of the user
  • logging system checks, access and operations, creating reports

Design considerations for OrchIdea included easy integration with existing systems, platform independence and suitability for high fault tolerance and high-availability use. The solution allows building and managing a single cryptographic service (with HSM devices, certificates and keys) in an enterprise environment and connecting applications through defined interfaces which enables easily and uniform integration with different applications.

General features of OrchIdea:

  • high level of data security
  • modular design
  • Allows separation of front-end and back-end functions in applications from a cryptographic point of view
  • data processing business logic can be developed for business needs.
  • a web service interface that allows high level calls which can be tailored to business needs and enables the publication of cryptographic services in enterprise application environments. Any front-end system can be developed for the web-service interface, therefore both file based or message queue-based front-ends can be easily integrated into the system.
  • HSM support through a standard PKCS # 11 interface.
  • support for an RFC 3161 based external qualified time-stamping service provider
  • Scalable architecture, self-organizing performance tuning
  • distributed architecture, redundancy and load distribution
  • extensive logging and reporting options
  • intuitive management interface
  • optional virus scanning of incoming documents

OrchIdea modules:

  • Crypto Core QWS: is responsible for the central task scheduling of the OrchIdea system, the functions of which include controlling data transmission and reception, organizing internal processes and ensuring the guaranteed execution of tasks through sufficient redundancies.
  • Cryptographic Subsystem: is responsible for conducting low-level cryptographic operations provided by Noreg eSign Toolkit.
  • Management module: is responsible for configuring and managing system components, as well as report generation and queries to the operational, security and transaction logs.
  • Processing plug-ins: are responsible for interpreting and processing incoming requests along with the system's communication to the outside world (to the front end).