Card Management System

Accessing several IT systems and enterprise applications requires at least one identifier and a password in each case. This is, however, only the first stage toward secure access and data management. Key storage devices and certificates can further increase the efficiency of the information security systems. It is vital for companies to have a system that controls the issuance and revocation of cards to ensure the continuous use of the cards. A smaller company can easily handle the necessary administration, but for a bigger enterprise with multiple sites it is much harder to control these processes manually and can involve a lot of mistakes.

Cost efficient

Facilitates card management processes, saving significant resources, especially for enterprises with multiple sites


Easy to extend and upgrade and quickly customizable, the interface and the modules can be modified according to needs


Complies even with the strictest security regulations, stores confidential card data encrypted


Easy to import data from other PKI systems


Processes are controlled, the system logs every action and event


On-site support is available in English

Company :


Euronet, employing 4000 people in 39 countries, is launching Noreg’s MARGARÉTA card management system.

Noreg will integrate its solution into the existing systems of the company – dealing with electronic payment – by the end of February. In March 1100 employees of Euronet Worldwide will put in practice the new system which implements the unified management of certificates and smart cards in a simply and easily manageable way with maximum safety. The introduction of this solution had become necessary because the allocation of smart cards and the management of the associated certificates previously were manual which required significant resources. With the introduction of MARGARÉTA, the card renewal of the users having multiple certifications will be easier, since it will be realized in one step as an integrated process. Previously this process requested separate steps on each certificate. In addition the users can manage the renewal process form on their own computers with a web based self-service interface that doesn’t need any operator assistance.


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MARGARÉTA product information product brochure

Noreg declares that the protection of the personal data provided by the visitors of the site and ensuring the right of informational self-determination of the visitors is a priority for the company. To this end, Noreg commits itself to ensure data security and to take all technical and organizational measures and establish the procedural rules which ensure that the recorded, stored and processed data are protected as well as to prevent their unauthorized use or unauthorized alteration.