As mobile access increases in frequency and scope there is fundamental user demand for accessing e-mails and other electronically-stored information from anywhere in the world at any moment regardless of storing the data within a well-protected intranet or on a cloud service provider. However, freedom of movement can only be enjoyed with adequate security measures. Authentication of users and confidentiality of stored data is still essential. The existing level of security in traditional systems needs to be achieved in a changing and ever more open environment while adapting to new technologies. With Margareta Cloud and Mobile App certificates can be issued for mobile devices enabling secure access to e-mail and electronically stored information.


Margareta Cloud can be deployed at a public cloud provider, as a private cloud service or run on the premises of the customer. The technology of Margareta Cloud provides flexibility and migration between the deployment options.


Margareta Cloud complies with even the strictest security regulations. A host of built-in features ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data.


Telephone and on-site support is available in English and Hungarian for all components of the MARGARETA product line.

Easy to use

Margareta Cloud has an easy-to-use, transparent and clean interface an all platforms. Important functionality is available through a few clicks and require minimal interaction from the user.

Platform independent

The central component of Margareta Cloud runs in a private or public cloud providing platform independence while on the client side all popular browsers and mobile operating systems are supported.


Margareta Cloud scales well from serving a few users to serving even hundreds of thousands of users. New users or even new key storage devices (software, smart card, USB token) can be added to the system at any time.


After registration, we will contact you and send you the requested information including the registration code required for installation.

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