New Dimension in Certificate Lifecycle Management

Improper certificate lifecycle management can cause service downtimes or even financial loss for companies. MARGARETA provides a unique solution to all the challenges companies face with device and user certificate management. It provides visibility, centralized inventory, and built-in automation while operational costs decrease significantly. Maintain your company’s brand image and profitability with Noreg’s MARGARETA Certificate Lifecycle Management!

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Visibility, central inventory, and management of all user certificates, regardless of origin

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Ideal for businesses with many users, already having certificates and wishing to increase the security of business processes.


Provides automation for the issuance, revocation, and renewal of certificates for thousands of IoT and other devices. This eliminates the problem of using efault or identical certificates on the long run.

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Companies with business and IoT processes utilizing many devices and equipment requiring a secure connection.




Built-in automation minimizes the need for human resources, reduces operational costs, support needs and room for error.



Different certificates can be stored in a single key storage device, which can be virtual or physical card, token or even the operating system’s key storage. Devices left at home can be substituted easily: a temporary card can be issued in a minute.



A synchronized inventory of internal and external certificates provides visibility on the certificates users and devices have together with their origins. Reports enable analysis and statistics.



Encryption keys and certificates can be securely archived and restored on need. Remote and operator renewal are available. 



Key and sensitive data are protected by a cryptographic module. Additionally, an agent-based implementation enables the separation of the critical elements of the PKI environment from zones with user access. Supports access based on the four eyes principle.



Built-in and custom integration modules are supported, enabling integration to any environment beyond common standard solutions. Custom solutions include enterprise directories, custom IDM interfaces, or certificates from external authorities.


Euronet Worldwide

Euronet, employing 4000 people in 39 countries, is launching Noreg’s MARGARETA card management system.

After Noreg integrated its solution into the existing systems of the company – dealing with electronic payment – 1100 employees of Euronet Worldwide put into practice the new system which implemented the unified management of certificates and smart cards in a simple and easily manageable way with maximum safety. The introduction of this solution had become necessary because the allocation of smart cards and the management of the associated certificates previously were manual which required significant resources. With the introduction of MARGARETA, the card renewal of users having multiple certifications is easy since it is realized in one step as an integrated process. Previously this process requested separate steps on each certificate. In addition, the users can manage the renewal process form on their own computers with a web-based self-service interface that doesn’t need any operator assistance.


MARGARETA product information

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